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Divorce/Cheaters/Child Custody

If you need one of our private investigators to work a cheaters or child custody case in the Nashville area, please be sure to contact us from a secure line. Today there are many electronic listening devices on the market, making it unsafe to talk on your home phone. Likewise, your cell phone is not the best way to call our office because cell phone records can easily be obtained and monitored. The best way to contact us is via pay phone, but not while you are sitting in your vehicle because there could be a listening device in your vehicle. Your employer's phone may be used as well. We strongly advise against telling your friends, family or co-workers that you are considering hiring a private investigator, as most people cannot be discreet regarding this type of matter. If you have already discussed it with someone, please be sure that person keeps the matter confidential.

Once you have contacted our office in Nashville, Tennessee (TN) a licensed private investigator will confer with you and evaluate your case based on the information you provide. Meetings can be held at our office in Nashville, Tennessee (TN) or another location for your convenience. Once an investigation plan is in place, we will coordinate the investigation with you or your attorney. After the investigation is complete, The Jacobs Group will provide you or your attorney with a report and videotape. The Jacobs Group has extensive courtroom experience and training and you will be proud to have us testify on your behalf.